Title to Goods:
In accordance with nick dawsons-renovations company Terms and Conditions once all goods are on site, fitted and or used in connection with the supply and or fitting of the specific purpose,
in accordance with customer specifications these products will remain the property of nick dawsons-renovations company until such time as they have been paid for in full and then ownership and or responsibility will transfer to the customer/client.

nick dawsons-renovations company will validate any quotations within a 30 day period. Anyquotations passed this period may no longer be current, due to product price increases, not necessarily associated, nick dawsons-renovations company reserves the right to amend any quotation during this period, if the amendments are requested by the customer/client, provided all amendments are authorised using ‘additional work sheets’, the customer/client will be liable for all additional work, goods and or services in accordance with such requests. Upon acceptance of any quotation and provided the ‘order acceptance’ has been authorised then all customers/clients are bound by the terms and conditions associated with payments, cancellation charges and any other conditions in accordance with nick dawsons-renovations company.

Completion of Work:
Should for any reason the customer/client change their mind during and or prior to any job/work commencing, having acknowledged that the job/work is to commence or has already commenced, nick dawsons-renovations will treat each individual circumstance upon its own merit to ascertain whether payment is required in full or whether a part payment would be acceptable Such decisions are the sole responsibility of Mr Nick Dawson and on behalf of nick dawsons-renovations company, Any products, goods, materials, hire costs and or expenses associated with the commencement of such job or work may be chargeable to the customer/client. Authorization of any order acknowledgment does signify the intention to ‘create legal relations’ and thereby the terms surrounding Contract Law will be enforced and are very clear to offer protection for both business and consumer alike.

Working Hours:
Will vary according to the job and or customers needs and or requests and if there are any stipulations and or restrictions with onsite access and or security. If for whatever reason a time to commence any work has been agreed, then Nick Dawsons-renovations will adhere to such times as is reasonable, allowing or minor delays. Any considerable delay will be notified to the customer/client. Should for whatever reason the employee/sub -contractor or personnel of Nick Dawsons-renovations not be able to gain entry on the date and or time agreed which then incurs costs,charges or expenses that have not been agreed and or foreseen due to such denial of access, all such costs whether incidental or otherwise associated with wages, losses, hire charges of equipment of charges incurred by a third party will be chargeable without exception, Whilst Nick Dawsons-renovations appreciates there can be exceptional or extreme circumstances and or reasons, these must be conveyed immediately,and failure to do so will render the associated costs to be fully charged to the customer/client in accordance with the payment terms contained within these ‘Terms and Conditions of Service’

Customer’s Obligations:
If for any reason there arises a situation where nick dawsons-renovations are asked to return to a job/or site to rectify a problem that has occurred within the agreed time frame of not more than 6 weeks from commencement of any job, the Customer/Client must and does agree to provide nick dawsons-renovations with access, and an adequate and reasonable opportunity to return and correct any such fault that arises from defective products, goods, services and or materials. Under no circumstances, whatsoever, will nick dawsons-renovations be expected to settle accounts/invoices from the Client/Customer that have obtained the services of another or outside professional or trades person to correct the work independently.


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